Ways to Improve Cleanliness in Public Restrooms

clean bathroom
clean bathroom
How Guest Services Can Ensure That Restrooms Are Spotless and Mess-Free

One of the worst experiences a visitor may have in a business is sitting on a disgusting toilet seat. Cleanliness in public restrooms is critical for building a brand and giving customers a pleasant experience. Read below on why keeping your restroom clean is important, and what you can do to keep them clean.

The Importance of Clean Toilets for Business

The cleanliness of a toilet can reveal a lot about the establishment. During business hours, a large number of your customers may use your facilities. These are going to be both present and potential future customers. This bathroom experience may have long-term impacts on brand image. A spotless restroom can be a shining star on your customer experience, but a dirty one can destroy their perception of your business.

What Business Owners Can Do

Customers today demand a hygienic bathroom experience. A soiled toilet seat or bathroom stall stinks and can endanger the health of your customers. These tips can help you make your restroom experience clean and enjoyable for your guests.

1. Ventilate

It cannot be stressed enough to ventilate your bathrooms. Improperly ventilated bathrooms are the leading cause of lingering odors, ruining a guest’s experience. As well as that, good ventilation is typically required by municipal codes and regulations. If your ventilation system is outdated or malfunctioning, it is worth the investment to install a system that can adequately remove odors from bathrooms.

2. Clean Regularly

Everyone’s been in a bathroom that clearly hasn’t been cleaned in a long time. It’s disgusting and reflects poorly on the business. While it may first seem to be money-saving to clean less, the relationship with the customer is damaged when they are forced to use a filthy restroom. Cleaning your restrooms regularly, even within the same day, is essential to maintaining a positive brand image and customer experience.

3. Installing Signs to Prevent Toilet Clogs

Business owners can attach a sign in a visible place, informing patrons about what they can and cannot flush. Many plumbing issues are caused by common ignorance. Customers flush things like sanitary napkins, tampons, and baby wipes, causing blockages, clogs, and overflows. These blockages require costly specialized labor to fix and force the bathroom to be out of service.

4. Self-Lifting Commercial Toilet Seats

In recent years, the Cleana team has invented an automatically-lifting commercial toilet seat that prevents restroom messes. The Cleana team did market research and found that most messes are due to patrons not wanting to touch the seat to lift it instead of urinating with the seat down. This puts the entire stall out of commission, with guests opening the door to a repulsive sight. The Cleana toilet seat rests in a lifted position, preventing these messes. When a guest needs the seat to go down, they can use an anti-microbial handle to set it down. After the guest finishes and leaves the stall, the seat automatically goes back up within 30 seconds, using their patented zero-electricity mechanism. The Cleana toilet seat prevents messes, reduces the need for cleaning, and is easily installed.

Cleana Toilet Seat

Cleana Self-Lifting Toilet Seat

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