How Can Managers Address High Custodial Turnover Rates?

The Dreaded “200%”

The average turnover rate in the custodial field is 200%, far higher than in other industries. This is a chronic problem for managers and Contract Cleaning Organizations, who must constantly recruit, train, and maintain staff to remain in business. Furthermore, high turnover rates make it challenging to build a strong workplace culture and for employees to refine their skills and become truly proficient at their roles. This constant in and out of custodial employees reduces output, cleaning efficiency, and ultimately guest/tenant satisfaction.

What Managers Can Do To Address High Custodial Turnover

Thankfully, managers have options:

1. Prevent Messes to Decrease Psychologically-Draining Workload

Nobody loves cleaning a dirty bathroom, especially custodians who must do it for a living. Recent innovations in the restroom space help prevent frequently seen messes, stopping them from reducing custodian morale. These include high-volume trash bins, new signage to indicate proper use of various appliances, and mess-prevention systems like the Cleana commercial self-lifting toilet seat. 

High-volume trash bins reduce the number of paper towels thrown on the ground. And proper signage can help prevent patrons from putting non-flushable materials down the toilet. The Cleana self-lifting toilet seat is an automatic toilet seat that defaults to the raised position, lowers easily, and rises once the patron finishes. According to research done by Cleana, 75% of dirty toilet seats are caused by patrons not raising the seat when they use it. These simple practices and products can reduce the cleaning workload for custodial staff, making their jobs easier while lowering stress.

3. Increase Pay and Benefits 

With Inflation over 8% as of April 2022, lower-income workers of all professions, including most custodians, are feeling the pinch. According to Pew Research, 63% of people left jobs in 2021 because the pay was too low. Businesses that seek to stay competitive and decrease employee turnover rates should consider giving custodians a raise. Employees typically leave quickly if a job doesn’t pay enough to live reasonably.

3. Provide Advancement and Training Opportunities

Employees who are offered opportunities to improve their skills and advance within the company are more incentivized to stay. According to Pew Research, 63% of people that left their jobs in 2021 also cited a lack of advancement opportunities. This shortcoming, alongside low pay, was the primary reason people quit their jobs. A skill-training program and opportunities for internal advancement keep commitment up and turnover low. 

4. Respect Employee Boundaries and Promote Positive Workplace Culture

Nobody likes a boss that power trips and disrespects them, and custodial staff is no exception. The Pew Research Center reported that 57% of people who left their jobs in 2021 felt disrespected by their bosses and quit. Management can make their employees feel appreciated by having clear communication, recognizing them for their hard work, and treating them with respect. 

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