Frequently Asked Questions

The Cleana self-lifting toilet seat prevents messes by automatically lifting the seat between uses. When a guest enters the stall, they can lower the seat down using an antimicrobial handle on its right side. After being lowered, Cleana’s patented mechanism keeps the seat down before and after use, ensuring that users have time to sit and stand. When finished, the seat will automatically reset to the upright position, protecting it from any future messes.

Absolutely not! Cleana Toilet Seat is incredibly easy to use and understand. The seat has been intelligently designed so that guests can use it intuitively and without the aid of any instructions.

Our patented mechanism keeps the seat down for 45 seconds before and after usage. The seat automatically lifts at a controlled rate once the guest finishes.

The Cleana Toilet Seat requires no extra maintenance or upkeep compared to a standard commercial toilet seat. Custodial staff can use standard cleaning chemicals and equipment for routine cleaning operations.

Yes, Cleana Toilet Seat complies with the ADA requirements for height, toe clearance, handle location, and weight limit.

Cleana Toilet Seat installs exactly like a standard commercial toilet seat. It can be installed using either a 5/8” or a 1/2” socket or a combination wrench.

Cleana Toilet Seat has the same dimensions as a standard commercial toilet seat, and is only compatible with elongated toilet bowls.

The seat’s mechanism is designed to last over 100,000+ usages or up to 10 years before needing maintenance.

In the event that Cleana Toilet Seat’s mechanism stops working, first, examine the seat’s hinge to identify whether an excessive build-up or dirty or a foreign object is obstructing its movement. If the hinge area is clear and the seat is still unable to reset, there is likely an issue with its internal components.

Please contact us through our phone or email to describe the malfunction if this occurs, and we will provide you with a complimentary replacement unit. Luckily though, Cleana Toilet Seat functions perfectly fine as a standard toilet seat when broken, meaning no downtime for your restroom!

We are a Boston-based startup company founded by alumni from Boston University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Our team began the company to solve a problem that affects countless people every day: the dirty toilet seat! For over two years, our team has been passionately researching this problem while exploring novel technologies that can offer higher cleanliness levels in commercial settings.

Cleana Toilet Seat