Save Cleaning Labor & Improve Cleanliness Prevent Toilet Messes Before They Happen Practical Innovations for the Commercial Space The Next Generation in Cleanliness A Better Bathroom for All Engineered to Perfection

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Innovations for the Commercial Space The Next Generation in Cleanliness A Better Bathroom for All

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Practical Innovations for the Commercial Space The Next Generation in Cleanliness A Better Bathroom for All

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How Cleana Works:

Keep Toilets 90% Cleaner

Most men never lift the toilet seat before peeing. Cleana automatically lifts between users, 

preventing messes before they happen

Most men never lift the toilet seat before peeing. Cleana automatically lifts between users, preventing messes before they happen

Lower seat

1: Lower Seat

An anti-microbial handle allows users to easily lower the toilet seat

sit down

2: Sit Down

Our patented mechanism keeps the seat lowered before and after use, ensuring users have time to sit, stand, and depart

auto lifting new

3: Auto Lifting

Cleana automatically resets to the upright position after usage protecting the seat from any messes


Cleana's Proven Results

Users everywhere love the Cleana seat. Differentiate your business with Cleana in less than 15 minutes.


Facilities Managers Love Cleana

Facilities Managers Love Cleana

The quick, cost-effective, and maintence-free solution


“It’s phenomenal, it’s amazing!”

It’s hard to keep seats clean. I think this seat is phenomenal, it's amazing. Whether it's the residential or in a restaurant, it’s going to save you time cleaning every time. I think it's going to freaking knock it out of the park

Justin, NFL Stadium
Operations Manager


“Way cleaner than wiping seats every 15 minutes”

Perception is very important to restaurants! A product like this makes it easier for guests to use the restroom and feel that it has a high level of cleanliness. This way, staff don’t need to go in every 15 minutes just to make sure the toilet seats are wiped down

Jason, Restaurant Owner


“It’s been impossible to keep seats clean (until now)!”

Even as custodial services increase during and post-pandemic, it is hard to keep seats clean after every use! Preventing the messes from the start will certainly solve this previously unsolved cleanliness concern

Facilities Manager
at Major University

Main Features

Mess prevention

Mess Prevention

Self-lifting technology prevents messes from happening

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Labor Savings

Reduce total cleaning time and the need for spot-checks

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Built To Last

Designed for 5+ years without servicing or maintenance



No batteries or plug-ins required, just set it and forget it

Additional Features


Liquid Proof

The mechanism is completely sealed, preventing cleaning solutions, urine, or other fluids from reducing its lifespan

fast iinstallation

Quick Install

Cleana is installed exactly like standard commercial seats with standard tools and is compatible with all elongated toilet bowls

easy to clean

Easy To Clean

Cleana's design and sleek contours guarantee effortless cleaning, ensuring utmost hygiene and ease of maintenance

time delay

Timing Delay

Cleana's patented mechanism ensures the seat remains down for 15-30 seconds before and after every use

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