Cleana: ISSA Show North America 2022 Snapshot

This past October, Cleana exhibited at the International Sanitary and Supply Association show in Chicago, and had one of the busiest booths there.   

There, the patented Cleana Self-lifting, power and battery free toilet seat was highlighted.  The booth visitors kept stating that this addressed the number one concern they had:  Keeping bathrooms clean was a primary which directly affected their bottom line.

By keeping seats up in men’s and unisex bathrooms,  seats remained 9.5x cleaner, improving sanitation while also decreasing cleaning and maintenance time. The seat also tied into a core theme of the show, that of  sustainability.  By keeping seats cleaner, longer, it decreases paper and chemical utilization.

Throughout the show, we encouraged attendees to sit and try out the Cleana Self-Lifting Toilet Seat themselves. Across the board, users were impressed about the possibilities the seat could bring in the effort to keep public restrooms clean. 

“Honestly, I wasn’t sure how we were going to be received by the industry,” said Andy Chang, CFO of Cleana. “The jan-san space doesn’t see a ton of innovation, especially with a business that is looking to make meaningful change as we are, but we couldn’t be happier with the reception we’ve gotten from everyone so far.”

The Cleana Team was particularly inspired by John Barrett, the Executive Director of the ISSA Show, as he told the team, “it’s great to see young folks like you guys creating innovative solutions to increase public restroom cleanliness standards. You guys are essential to driving the industry forward, and I’m incredibly pleased with the solution and the amount of engagement at the booth.”

“The event has exceeded my expectations. The attendees were of excellent quality, and they were highly engaged,” said Kevin Tang, CEO of Cleana, as the show came to an end on Thursday afternoon. “The relationship-building and networking was absolutely fantastic this year. We really couldn’t have asked for anything more!” 

“We’ve got lots of work to do,” joked Andy. “I’ll be sending out a ton of emails in the next few days to people we’ve connected with and I’m super excited to see how the next few months shape up.” 




Headquartered in Boston, MA, Cleana is focused on custodial services hygiene, efficiency, and innovation.  The team is a spin-out from Boston University and MIT and have initially placed product at professional stadiums, hospitality chains, and other notable universities.

ISSA is the leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide and is dedicated to promoting cleaning as a valuable investment in human health, the environment, and an improved bottom line. The association is the central resource for industry information, professional standards, education, networking, and commercial opportunities and represents the industry voice in our government and our communities.

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